For Experienced Police Officers or Former Members of a Police Service

If you love the job but want a lifestyle change for you and your family, then Tasmania Police could be for you.

The Tasmania Police Service is one of the smallest Police Services in Australia but we offer modern training, a partnership with the University of Tasmania for further tertiary education and we are now a service that incorporates the Tasmania Fire Service and SES.

Accelerated Training Program

Two Accelerated Training Programs are scheduled to commence in 2022:

  • Course 1 commences on 14 March 2022 with a graduation date of 3 June 2022
  • Course 2 commences on 22 August 2022 with a graduation date of 11 November 2022

Selection is underway using a rolling recruitment process where successful applicants will go into the selection pool for the course. If you are interested then submit an expression of interest online.

The Accelerated Training Program is conducted at the Tasmania Police Academy, Rokeby, Tasmania.

For further information you can contact Tasmania Police Recruitment on

Minimum Requirements

To be eligible for the Tasmania Police Accelerated Training Program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed a minimum of four (4) years service from graduation as a police officer within Australia or New Zealand, be a current sworn member, or have been separated from an Australian or New Zealand Police Service for less than four years.
  • A member whose separation exceeds four years and does not exceed six years is still eligible for the ATP, if they have maintained a related law enforcement role or similar, the application should be reviewed by the Commander, Education and Training to determine eligibility.
  • Be either an Australian or New Zealand Citizen, or have permanent Australian residence status.
  • Possess a current drivers licence.
  • Possess, or have the ability to obtain, the qualification equivalent to the national ‘Provide First Aid’ standard (also known as Apply First Aid/Senior First Aid).
  • Possess, or have the ability to obtain, swimming certification from Royal Life Saving Australia or AUSTSWIM.
  • Have a satisfactory police service record and be of good character.
  • Be physically fit and healthy.
  • The compulsory retirement age for Tasmania Police is 65.

How do I apply?

To apply you must submit an expression of interest online and accurately reflect your service dates therein.

Selection Process

Tasmania Police Recruiting Services will facilitate the following assessments:

  • Integrity/background checks will be performed to identify any criminal/traffic offences.
  • Complaint history as a serving police officer will be conducted.
  • Physical Fitness Testing.
  • Written Job Suitability Testing.
  • Interview before a Selection Board.
  • Referee Checks.

Medical Checks

Medical Checks are the responsibility of applicants to arrange (Tasmania Police Recruiting do not facilitate medical checks).

Upon successful completing the interview you will be given a Medical Package that you will be required to take to your General Practitioner (GP) to complete.

This package will assess your current health, as well as previous surgery and medical conditions.

As part of this medical assessment you will also need to have your hearing tested by an Audiologist, and your eyesight tested by an Optometrist.

The cost of medical checks is the responsibility of applicants.


The length of the Accelerated Training Program is twelve weeks in duration as determined by the Inspector, Recruit Training Services.

You will be provided instruction on Tasmanian legislation and Tasmania Police policy and procedures, information systems, firearms, operational safety tactics and physical training.


Members of Tasmania Police are required to serve in any geographical location according to organisational requirements.

After successful completion of the training program, members will be posted to a 24-hour Police Station. These postings are determined by the Controlling Authority and will be in line with operational requirements at the time and attract a 21% loading on top of your base wage.


You will be subject to a six month probation period after graduation. Confirmation of appointment after probation will be subject to a satisfactory Probation Assessment Report from your District and endorsed by the Tasmania Police People and Culture Division.


In determining pay banding level, the Controlling Authority will take into consideration the years of policing experience post-graduation within that previous/current jurisdiction recognising years of service to a maximum level of ten years.

Whilst training at the Police Academy the salary paid is at two pay bandings below years of experience if not at the rank of Sergeant or above.

For example: A police officer with five years’ experience post-graduation:

  1. Training salary – level 3 pay banding $65,797 as of 1 July 2020
  2. Probation period – level 4 pay banding $67,852 as of 1 July 2020
  3. Post Probation – level 5 pay banding $69,909 as of 1 July 2020

Members who are at the rank of sergeant or a commissioned officer whilst training at the Police Academy as a trainee constable, and during the six-month probation period, will be paid at a level 9 Constable as determined by the Tasmania Police Award.

For example: A Sergeant or commissioned officer of police officer:

  1. Training salary – level 9 pay banding $78,146 as of 1 July 2020
  2. Probation period – level 9 pay banding $78,146 as of 1 July 2020
  3. Post Probation – level 10 pay banding $80,191 as of 1 July 2020
  • After graduating and during the six-month probation period, salary will be one pay banding below years of experience. After the probation period has ended, salary will be in line with years of policing experience up to a maximum pay banding of level ten Constable.
  • At the completion of your probation period, a member may make application for salary advancement in recognition of approved tertiary qualifications in accordance with clause 8.5 – Annual Salary Increments of the Police Award.
  • Salaries indicated are base salaries, once graduated and posted to a 24hr station a loading of 21% is added to the base salary.


  • Rank is not transferable; however, applicants may seek recognition of their previous rank held, at the conclusion of a successful probationary period.
  • A determination as to where an applicant may enter the Tasmania Police promotional system, and under what circumstances will be dependent on the evidence provided by each applicant.
  • Applicants must meet the standards contained in the Tasmania Police Promotion, Qualification and Accreditation Process to be considered eligible for an increment in rank or title.
  • For more information about Recognition of Integrated Learning click here.


Tasmania Police do not provide any relocation expenses or housing allowances.

Tasmania Police – Accelerated Training Program Policy

Tasmania Police have developed an Accelerated Training Program Policy which can be accessed by contacting Tasmania Police Recruiting

Further Information

If you have any questions relating to the Accelerated Training Program please contact us.