Policing is a mentally and physically demanding profession with a high rate of exposure to violence, aggression, trauma and other chronic stressors.

Therefore the standards of physical and mental health required for entry are higher than other occupations. The physical and mental health standards for entry to Tasmania Police are very similar to those of the other Australian Police jurisdictions and the Australian Defence Force.

Tasmania Police needs to ensure that,  as an organisation, it is not going to place an applicant at an undue risk of harm or aggravation of any pre-exiting condition (either physical or mental) by employing them as a police officer. Additionally, applicants need to display that their physical and mental  abilities meet the inherent requirements to be a police officer.

It is as a result of these requirements that the Tasmania Police Physical Health Standards for Police Applicants have been developed. It is incumbent upon applicants to disclose all medical conditions and symptoms to ensure that a full assessment can be made about their medical suitability to undertake the role of a police officer.

To view the Tasmania Police Physical Health Standards for Police Applicants click here.

If you require advice regarding the Psychological Standards, please make contact with Tasmania Police Recruitment Services on recruiting@police.tas.gov.au who can provide advice after assessing information provided.