As part of our selection process, applicants will be required to participate in a series of aptitude and problem solving tests.  These tests are designed to assess your suitability to undertake the academic content of the Tasmania Police Recruit Training Course Curriculum as well as your ability to successfully fulfil the role of a police officer. All testing is forwarded to the Australian Institute of Forensic Psychology for assessment.  No feedback concerning the assessments is available and all applicants are requested to sign documentation to this effect at the time of the test. Applicants may only undertake ability testing once every 12 months.  If you are unsuccessful, you will need to wait 12 months before submitting another Expression of Interest. The Ability Test consists of three timed ability tests – Reading, Numerical and Writing.

Reading Ability Test (Example):

The population of Australia is now approximately 20 million. The majority of Australia’s population lives in capital cities. Sydney is the most populous city, followed by Melbourne. Brisbane is the third largest population. Hobart and Darwin have the smallest populations of all capital cities.

Based on the information it can be safely assumed that the capital city of Adelaide has more people than:

A: Brisbane
B: Sydney
C: Hobart
D: Melbourne

Numerical Ability Test (Example):

What is 95 minus 36?

A: 61
B: 63
C: 55
D: 59

You are travelling to the scene of an accident, and the traffic is terrible. Your average speed has slowed to 30km/hr. Assuming you still have another 10 km to travel, and your speed does not change, how long will it take?

A: 10 minutes
B: 20 minutes
C: Half an hour
D: An hour

Writing Ability Test (Example):

A: Your good teamwork is vital to good job performance.
B: You’re good teamwork is vitale to good job performance.
C: Your good teamworking is vital to good job performance.
D: You’re good teamwork is vital to good job performance.