What is Policing?

What is Policing? is a 13-week academic unit that provides key foundational knowledge and skills for students interested in a policing career, people working with police and those wanting to learn about contemporary police practice.

What you will learn

Students will gain a greater understanding of contemporary roles of police officers and policing while building awareness of the day-to-day challenges and activities of a modern police service. Learn from international policing experts and experienced police officers about key policing issues.

  • What is Policing?  all study materials provided online.
  • There is an expectation of 3.5-4 hours of online class time per week; in addition, there will be reading and assignment preparation tasks to be completed.
  • There are 3 assessment tasks for this unit, and no exams. The assessments involve a combination of multiple-choice online quizzes, case analysis and discussion forum participation.

Please note that while completion of this unit may assist you with any future applications to join a police service, or other occupational groups that work closely with the police, it does not guarantee preferential selection.