Life at the Academy

Two smiling police officers at graduation ceremony

Training at the Tasmania Police Academy requires dedication and a commitment to success.

The training is rigorous, disciplined and thorough and it is also physically, academically and mentally demanding.  There will be days when you go home absolutely exhausted and feeling like you have been challenged in ways you never thought possible!

A day at the academy will usually run between 6.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday, but these hours may be varied to include some afternoon and weekend shifts.  You will also need to undertake study in the evening after class ends for the day, especially prior to exams.

Over the 29 week training phase, your days at the Academy will be divided between lectures, physical training and learning the operational skills necessary to carry out your police duties.  During the training you will be sworn in as a Special Constable of Police to conduct training at a police station and on the streets of Tasmania.  During your 29 weeks you will be tested in written exams, practical exams, report writing and communication skills.

It is NOT compulsory to live-in at the Academy during training; however, Trainee Constable’s are all allocated a room for the duration of their training period and are required to pay a fee.  This fee is set at $164 per fortnight and includes daily meals and accommodation.

Your duties will be expanded over time as you gain knowledge, skills and experience.  By training both at the Academy and at a police station or in other settings, you will become a capable, confident and professional member of our team.  Our recruit training course is affiliated with the University of Tasmania and as a part of your studies you will also complete subjects towards the Bachelor of Social Science (Police Studies).Graduating Constables throw hats in the air

The academic study at the Tasmania Police Academy can be daunting for some people when they considering applying to join.  But, please don’t be alarmed, we have education advisors who are able to provide ongoing assistance throughout the course.

The intensive training at the Academy is just the beginning of a career full of lifelong learning opportunities.  It is a challenging course that will set you up to be successful in what is the diverse, interesting and constantly changing work life of a police officer.

Upon appointment to Tasmania Police, you may be required to perform duty at any location within Tasmania as determined by the operational need of the organisation.