What does the University of Tasmania have to do with Tasmania Police?

Tasmania Police is committed to developing police officers who have skills and knowledge that are contemporary and relevant in a changing society. Tasmania Police endeavours to provide evidence based learning to current and future police officers.

Police Recruits studying at the Tasmania Police Academy are required to complete 15 units of a 24 unit Degree in Bachelor of Social Science (Police Studies).

For those considering applying to Tasmania Police, the University of Tasmania offer the following programs that can assist with preparing for writing assignments and provide an insight into policing or elements associated with policing, including criminology, sociology, and forensic study.

  • University Preparation Program (1 year course)

The University Preparation Program (UPP) is a flexibly delivered enabling program. The course is designed to provide adult learners with academic learning skills and the confidence and personal skills needed to succeed at University. Successful completion of UPP enables students to meet the general admission requirements for undergraduate degree courses offered by the University of Tasmania.

  • Diploma of University Studies (21A) (1 year course) – with electives that are police related

The Diploma of University Studies is designed as an alternative entry pathway to university study. In each specialisation, students study units which provide the skills and knowledge related to their intended degree and are provided with additional support to maximise their chances of success. Completion of the Diploma will provide achievement at introductory level in two units.

Specialisations offered in the Diploma of University Studies are Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Science, ICT and Science.

The course is offered full-time or part-time. Campus, semester and attendance mode availability varies by specialisation.

  • Bachelor of Justice Studies (3 year course)

The Bachelor of Justice Studies provides you with a range of diverse skills and knowledge related to criminology, policing, human rights, corrective services, forensic studies, sociology, social justice, intelligence, risk analysis, and legal studies.

In an environment where government and non-government organisations are now partnering together to combat crime and criminal justice issues, graduates will be prepared for working across a broad range of criminal justice contexts.

**Important note: These courses are not compulsory and do not guarantee an applicant entry into Tasmania Police. The courses are also not considered for recognition of prior learning in the first instance in relation to the Bachelor of Social Science (Police Studies).