At Tasmania Police, we understand how important life outside of policing is to everyone and with this in mind, our members have successfully negotiated a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to 6 weeks annual leave for sworn police officers
  • Access to 14 weeks paid maternity leave
  • Access to paternity leave
  • Access to accumulated leave schemes
  • Access to reduced hours agreements for parenting responsibilities or work/life balance
  • Access to long service leave
  • Access to a range of different leave entitlements (eg. Sick leave or bereavement leave amongst others)

Some of the biggest benefits of Tasmania Police are not the tangible ones.  The biggest benefits are the rewarding work that you will undertake on a daily basis and the constant surprise to yourself of how big your comfort zone has grown to be, in terms of situations you can handle confidently.

Another huge benefit is being able to change work roles throughout your career without having to start at a new organisation.  After you have completed your probationary role as a general duties officer, the world is your oyster as far as what you choose to specialise in.