Things you need to consider

Tasmania Police offers a challenging and rewarding career serving the Tasmanian Community. As a member of Tasmania Police you will be entrusted with considerable authority and responsibility. To ensure that all members use this authority professionally, fairly, accountably and with the highest level of integrity, you will be subject to legislation and policy requirements that prescribe expected standards of behaviour. It is important that you understand how this will impact on your personal and professional life prior to committing to the application process.

The Police Service Act 2003 imposes a duty on all members, not only while on duty but at all other times, to be of good behaviour. Actions committed during your personal time may affect your ongoing employment and subject you to internal discipline or criminal proceedings.

Your conduct, both on and off duty reflects on yourself and on Tasmania Police. This behaviour must be of a high standard and reflect the values of Tasmania Police.

Whilst a member of Tasmania Police, you may be tested for drugs and alcohol. You must be free from alcohol while on duty, and while required to be available for duty. You also must be free of illegal drugs at all times, both on and off duty. If you are taking any prescribed medications it is your duty to ensure that these are disclosed on your medical report in your application.

As a member of Tasmania Police you will be required to adhere to Dress and Appearance Standards which requires you to maintain a neat and professional appearance. These standards apply for health and safety reasons and because members, particularly in uniform, are contributing to Tasmania Police’s image and reputation as a professional and disciplined organisation.