Life at the Academy

Becoming a Tasmania Police officer requires dedication and a commitment to success. 

The Tasmania Police academy training is not only rigorous, disciplined, and thorough, it is also physically and mentally demanding. 

The 31-week course includes a combination of theory and practical training, to ensure recruits gain the skills needed to be a professional and effective police officer. 


A typical day at the academy will usually run between 6:30am and 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, but these hours may be varied to include some weekends and later shifts. 

It is not compulsory to live at the academy during training, however all recruits are allocated a room for the duration of the course and are required to pay a fee of $197 per fortnight, which covers daily meals and accommodation. 

During training recruits are expected to complete assignments and study out of hours, especially in the lead up to exams.  

As a recruit, you’ll also need to make time to study after class ends for the day, especially before exams. 

During the training you’ll be tested in written exams, practical exams, report writing and communication skills. 

Within the course, recruits will also experience a period of in-field training at a designated police station where they will be teamed up with an experienced mentor.  

Your duties will be expanded over time as you gain knowledge, skills and experience. By training both at the Academy and at a police station or in other settings, you will become a capable, confident and professional member of our team. 

Our recruit training course is affiliated with the University of Tasmania and as a part of your studies you will also complete subjects towards the Bachelor of Social Science (Police Studies).

The academic component of Tasmania Police training may seem daunting, but you will have access to education advisors throughout the course who can provide support and ongoing assistance.

The intensive 31-week course is just the beginning of a diverse and rewarding career that offers endless learning opportunities. 

It is a challenging course that will set you up for success as a police officer.