Who are we looking for?

No single attribute or skill will guarantee you success as a police officer.  Policing requires good listening and quick thinking and people with an overall suitability to the role.  When you apply, we will measure your suitability by looking at your psychological make-up, your level of overall intelligence, your life experiences (whether they be good or bad), your work history, your level of community involvement and your medical and prior offending history.

If you are really serious about joining us, spend the next couple of minutes reflecting on the list of skills and attributes below.   Don’t be intimidated by this list, these are the attributes required to be an effective police officer and when you graduate from the Tasmania Police Academy you will have these skills:

Are you, or could you, with the right training be:



Emotionally intelligent



Respectful of difference






Physically strong

Could you also:

Use good judgement and be a problem solver

Be an excellent communicator

Be a negotiator

Resolve conflict

Be a good driver

Defend yourself using defensive tactics

Defend others using defensive tactics

Demonstrate courage

Work well in teams

Follow orders

For more information:

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