Northern Course FAQs

The Launceston-based course will be run as part of the standard Tasmania Police recruit course, with all Course 1-2022 participants undertaking the same training regardless of location. This means the same content will be delivered to all recruits, whether they are based in Launceston or Hobart. The only difference will be that the northern recruits will complete some online learning via video conference. Some assessments will need to be conducted in Hobart. The course will commence on 25 April 2022.

Yes. You can apply to study in Launceston or Hobart by identifying this preference during the Tasmania Police application process. There are no restrictions as to who can apply to study in Launceston, however selection preferences will be given to people who are already based in the north or northwest of Tasmania.

There will be times when the northern-based recruits will need to travel to Hobart and be on-campus at the Rokeby Police Academy due to operational training and assessment requirements. This will include the first two-weeks and the final week of the course. There will be some additional one-week blocks throughout the course. These dates will be outlined at the commencement of the course in April 2022.

We’re finalising these arrangements and conversations are underway with the University of Tasmania, as our valued training-delivery partner. One option would be for the Launceston-based recruits to study at the UTas Newnham Campus.

The northern-based course will be conducted simultaneously with the academy-based recruit course. As a satellite course it will be delivered through a combination of online learning, live classroom streaming and face-to-face instruction.

All recruits successfully completing the course will graduate from the police academy, Hobart on 18 November 2022, and will be part of the graduation ceremony.

Yes, northern-based recruits who are usually based in north-west Tasmania will be offered accommodation in the Launceston CBD at a subsidised cost. Travelling long distances each day is not the preferred option, however the choice will ultimately be up to individuals.

Those recruits who are part of the Launceston-based course will be posted to their home district of northern or northwest Tasmania.  Recruits who undertake their training at the Rokeby academy may be posted to the south, north, or northwest depending on organisational needs.